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Take a stroll through the market and pub scene at the heart of Vienna’s second district.

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Back from the dead! While it seemed for some years that the Karmelitermarkt would be condemned to a miserable, lonely existence, the opposite is true today!

While still somewhat of a sleeper among Vienna's markets, it is already quite lively, particularly on weekends. And there is always something new to discover here: In addition to international cheeses and horse meat, you can buy ripe fruits, crisp vegetables and various organic delicacies like smoked meat and various dairy products.

Today featuring great examples of new pubs (called "Beisl" in Vienna) with plain furnishing, interesting patrons and good cooking, it is the perfect neighbourhood for breakfast, lunch or ideally spending the whole day.

During our stroll through the district's market and pub scene, we will dive into a world of nuanced flavours and will also learn a thing or two about food selection and preparation.

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€ 50,-- per person including all tastings, food and a coffee, german language. If wanted in english language it's EUR 5,-- more per person.

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