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3,5 – 4 hours Best of Naschmarkt!
From the farmer’s market to the classic Naschmarkt, this tour features delicacies from Austria and all over the world.
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Saturday is a very special day at the naschmarkt: The farmer's market is in town, making the market twice as big and frankly twice as exciting too!

On this tour, we not only visit our usual stalls on the regular Naschmarkt, but also almost as many stalls at the farmer's market!

No wonder this tour is significantly longer and takes about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. In this truly special experience, you will discover rare specialities from near and far, from Upper Austria to the Burgnland, from "wild" to sweet, sour and spicy, from the exclusive to the familiar on a journey through Austria's culinary delights!

We will dive into a world of nuanced flavours and also learn a thing or two about food selection and preparation.

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€ 60,-- per person including all tastings, german language. If wanted in english, it's EUR 5,-- per person more.

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